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Streamlining your POI Updates


RepGain™ offers integral solutions to automatically update your digital location content and powerful tools to optimize all editorial efforts to keep your content up-to-date. We cover the whole complex process of managing your location content with a system that learns with every interaction and dataset processed and that is fully adjustable to your individual needs.


Our technology drastically improves the accuracy of your location data and optimizes the efficiency of your update efforts, whilst helping to significantly cut costs. For the first time ever, you will know right away which POIs have changed and on-top receive live-updates straight from the POI operator. All our services are optimized for fully automated processing of location data and are ready for seamless integration into existing infrastructures via our stand-alone solution, webservices, plug-ins or API. Additionally we offer a powerful set of quality management tools and tailor-made modules to meet your specific demands.


We are a team of serial entrepreneurs and experienced developers. The last years we have been working together with the biggest Yellow Page directories and travel publishers in Europe defining new strategies and products in an increasingly dynamic and competitive online environment – eventually we even sold one of our companies to one of them. With RepGain™ we take our experience and deep understanding of our customers’ needs to the next level.

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